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Since the very beginning we were attracted to correct build horses with power and charisma. During the years when we got to know different bloodlines, we realised it is Polish arabian that combines all the features we cherish so much in the arabian. Structure, movements, dryness, intelligence, wonderful dispostion.

Most of our broodmares are pure Polish or Polish related. We have tried over the years to establish a solid broodmare collection that gives us a base for quality breeding in all aspects. We also have two of our own pure Polish stallions, Gilly J and Albedo who have been a wondeful asset to our breeding program. We often use outside stallions as well, sometimes pure Polish and other times outcrosses.

Breeding is art. Knowledge, instinct and luck all together. Trying to figure out what the good and less good characteristics of each individual have been inherited through generations... And then aiming to improve the weak ones and at the same time keep the good ones. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we learn for the future.

There is no perfect horse that would match all the breed's standards. But there is always that perfect horse for someone's eyes. And finding the right person for each horse that we bred is very important to us. Until now we have rarely failed to do so. Sending our homebred horse to a perfect new home and realising that the new match is a dreamy one, gives us a lot of pleasure. After all, we are responsible for each horse we put into this world.